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Re: on apple battery life

Luis Claudio R. Goncalves <lclaudio@unix.sh> wrote:
> Hi!
> IIRC all the new laptops have battery life cycle counted in "number of
> recharges". Some PCs have this limit set around 1000 recharges.
> Usually, if your laptop is AC plugged and your battery is full you will notice
> some recharge cycles (what means - your battery suffers a discharge and a
> recharge).

I couldn't confirm this. I heard from this problem from people with PC
laptops, but I see the battery load in the task bar of my window manager
and I noticed, it must fall under 95% before a new charge cycle begins.
With PC laptops a new cycle starts by 99% which leads to the effect
you've described.

> Anyway, those two things together sounds like "remove your battery if you
> are going to use your laptop with AC power for a long time" to me. And it
> seems to be true as I've just had to replace the  battery of my ibook.

At me my ibook wobbles if I remove the battery. You don't have this
problem? What version of ibook you have? G4?


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