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Re: NPTL -- not happening?

> Not even for potential bug reporters? Will a kernel boot
> if compiled with gcc 4?

Well, it seems that on ppc64 at least, it sometimes does ... but
building glibc isn't quite good yet as of last night CVS... however, if
you are familiar with gcc hacking/reporting, I suppose you should go on,
but it's definitely not ready for inclusion even in
> At times, I write some pretty wild code using gcc extensions.
> I'd be happy to run my code through the latest gcc if it were
> available through the regular Debian package mechanism.
> I use computed goto, the C99 restrict keyword, a variety of
> function attributes, __constructor__, and more. I even have
> a test suite I can run to make sure things work OK.
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>

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