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Re: Sleep patch: inclusion?

[ -> Giuseppe : sorry, I just see address was wrong after click on "send", so I directly send you what was for debian-powerpc list ...]


Not really the time, but what Ii have oobserved since ~ one month is nearly the same as you see yourself, so I can confirm.

Giuseppe Lavagetto a écrit :

> Il giorno ven, 14-01-2005 alle 09:43 +0100, Colin Leroy ha scritto:

> Well, I own an ibook G4 where I just installed sid. I recompiled 2.6.9
> with the sleep patch #7: it does the work, but I've run into some

patch #7 for me too

> problems that seem to be common:
> 1) The alsa system has some glitches

I don't use alsa, sorry

> 2) Sleep does not if either dri or usb are used

Yes, I confirm this is the case too for me with a albook 15" 1,25GHz : usb seems to cause kernel panics.

For example :

usb mouse inserted - > close the lid
deconnect usb mouse (or whatever usb)
open the lid :  aie !! kernel panic... etc

no usb inserted :  crash
not every time, but very often I close/open the albook

Next is in *strange behaviour* category :

Linux + Mol + compilations (both on Linux and Mac OSX with ssh + wifi) : sleep works fine, builds are stopping and everything goes fine when I open the book the next time :-)

> 3) Random instabilities if I put the machine to sleep frequently (say
> once every 10 mins).

For the same laptop (albook), I have observed too the same problem : long sleeps are better than shorts...



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