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Xserve G5 disks


Does anyone know where to get a driver for the Hitachi SATA drives that
come with the Xserve G5.

I successfully installed Sarge on one of the machines by placing a
Maxotr SATA drive in a G5 tower, installing onto that drive, compiling
the latest 2.6.8 kernel, then placing the Maxtor disk into the
Xserve....it works fine.

However, when I try the same with the Hitachi  hard drive that comes wit
hthe Xserve the disk cannot be accessed. Discover cannot correctly
identify it.  Th disk is labeled: Hitachi  Deskstar HDS722580VLSA80 SATA
and "Apple HDD Firmware". 

I haven't filed a bug report yet since it seems I just don't know the
right driver.

Thanks for any help


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