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Re: Netbooting a 7025-F50

Christian Walther said:
> I'm trying to network-install Sarge on a RS/6000 7025-F50. Using the
> configuration menu of the machine, I configured the network interface. The
> machine is able to contact my tftpd-Server and to request the initird.
> While the file is transfered, it displays the amount of Packets
> transfered. Thing is: It stops at
> Packet Counts = 2300
> It doesn't try again, but after a couple of minutes it continues by
> choosing the 2nd boot method configured.

Have you read this very useful document:

http://penguinppc.org/~hollis/linux/rs6k-netboot.shtml ?

In particular, the reference to ARP packets causing transfers to fail.

> I'm completely lost of why this happens, so I'm not sure if this is a
> limit of the 7025-F50 (I somewhere read about some RS/6000 not being able
> to netboot bigger than a certain size, but I can't find the link anymore),
> if this is a bug of the machine (Firmware, probably), or if I just used
> the wrong installer files. I have to admit I got confused because of
> several description about this machine on the net. The Debian install
> manual states that the 7025-F50 is PREP, while penguinppc says that it's
> CHRP. So I tried both prep and chrp.initrd, and the initrd from
> people.debian.org/~luther, both the ones in the d-i/-directory, as well as
> daily builds from a few weeks ago.

It is a CHRP machine.  There is no doubt.  If you see someone refer
to the F50 as a PReP machine you must become angry and chastise the
offender ;-)

> So I wonder how to get rid of this error, and what kind of machine the
> 7025-F50 really is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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