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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #7

> > I know :) The point of the exercice is to test wether the problem
> > originates from the firewire drivers ...
> I finally came around to repeat the test with CPUfreq disabled: No crash
> so far.
> So my configuration is:
> iBookG4 800 Mhz running on 600 Mhz, cpufreqd disabled.
> Firewire is enabled ( no devices attached )
> Sound is enabled ( no audio streams open )
> USB is enabled ( no devices attached )
> This seems to run rather stable.
> So it seems that enabling cpufreqd causes memory corruption when the
> frequency changes.

Let me just add that powernowd works fine with sleep patch #7 here
(AlBook). USB attached devices survive resume with no problem, ieee1394
attached devices need replugging after resume.


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