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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #7

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
I do not have any USB device ( only firewire ). But I will disable CPUfreq again. I had it always disabled with the old patches and only enabled it as you said it should be save now with #7 ;-)

Hrm... try without firewire too, just in case ...

I can not, I am a firewire developer ;-)

I know :) The point of the exercice is to test wether the problem
originates from the firewire drivers ...

I finally came around to repeat the test with CPUfreq disabled: No crash so far.

So my configuration is:

iBookG4 800 Mhz running on 600 Mhz, cpufreqd disabled.
Firewire is enabled ( no devices attached )
Sound is enabled ( no audio streams open )
USB is enabled ( no devices attached )

This seems to run rather stable.

So it seems that enabling cpufreqd causes memory corruption when the frequency changes.


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