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Re: No /dev/pmu

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Matthew T. Atkinson wrote:
| 'ello,
| I remember a few months ago on this list there was some discussion about
| the dialogue box that pops up when a user logs into GNOME.  It says
| ``Error: Wrong permissions for /dev/pmu device.''  Michael Schmitz said
| that we should let him know if the problem persists, as he may be
| interested in  submitting a kernel patch to negate this issue.
| I am now using the GNOME 2.8 in Sarge and still get the box.  To be
| honest, I have grown so used to it now that it doesn't annoy me so much
| any more but I thought I'd post to let people know that on a
| PowerBook5,4 the problem still exists.
~    I can confirm that this issue still exists as well with new
installations using Gnome 2.8.  The udev workaround of entering
something like the following in /etc/udev/permissions.d/udev.permissions
still works:


~    The most insightful comment on that thread back in Movember was
Michel Danzer's[0] which mentioned that the issue has to do with
references to acme integration in gnome-settings-daemon.  Does that
imply that this would be something for Gnome to fix upstream?  I have
not looked at the code or configuration files.

[0] - http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/11/msg00187.html

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