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Re: No /dev/pmu


I remember a few months ago on this list there was some discussion about
the dialogue box that pops up when a user logs into GNOME.  It says
``Error: Wrong permissions for /dev/pmu device.''  Michael Schmitz said
that we should let him know if the problem persists, as he may be
interested in  submitting a kernel patch to negate this issue.

I am now using the GNOME 2.8 in Sarge and still get the box.  To be
honest, I have grown so used to it now that it doesn't annoy me so much
any more but I thought I'd post to let people know that on a
PowerBook5,4 the problem still exists.

As an aside, I've found the new HAL/D-BUS/udev developments in Sarge to
be amazing.  It seems to me that UNIX desktops are now easier to use
than Windows and approaching OSX in terms of features that ``just work''
and don't spew out endless pop-ups when you plug stuff in :-).

bye just now,

Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>

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