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Re: umlauts once again :)

On Sun, Dec 26, 2004 at 12:38:33AM +0100, peter plessas wrote:
> i know this has been dealt with before, but i didn't find any real 
> answers in the list's archive:
> I have an US keyboard, how can i type umlauts such as: "ü ö ä"?
> (except for using kde's kcharselect applet (which means clicking on the 
> desired letter and pasting it to where it's needed?)

This is probably better asked on a more general list. In brief:
a) Check your favorite editor for possible ways. E.g., in vim I type
   Crtl-K " a to get an ä, or Crtl-K , c to get an ç and so on.

b) You can asign a compose key under X, which allows you to press,
   e.g., Compose " a for an ä.

c) Some applications (e.g., OpenOffice.org) have built in Char-Tables,
   usefull if you only need an umlaut once in a while.

Hope this helps, and check the docs of your X and your editor!



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