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Using the us_intl keyboard (was: Re: umlauts once again :))

On Dec 26 2004, peter plessas wrote:
> I have an US keyboard, how can i type umlauts such as: "ü ö ä"?

Configure your keyboard as having layout us_intl and you should type those
things as "+u.

The only problem with us_intl as I see it is that if you type, say, ~ and
then want to type / (like in the command line "cp bla ~/doc/"), then it is
annoying that you have to type the tilde, then a space and then the slash.
Otherwise, it won't work.

It would be *much* more convenient if one didn't have to type that space.
I'm adding debian-user to the Cc: in the event that somebody there knows a
solution to the problem that I have described. Perhaps Branden knows the

Anyway, hope this helps, Rogério Brito.

P.S.: Despite I living in a country where my mother tongue needs lots of
accents, a good portion of the keyboards sold here has the US layout and
us_intl is indeed quite important at least here in Brazil.
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