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Re: Qemu and i386 Software on an iBook

Debian has bochs package which emulates a Pentium on any non-i386. Use dosemu or add plex86? to bochs to run native protected mode on i386. As bochs emulates a Pentium it slow on non-i386. (It has to be bug for bug compatible including fake timings as Wiblows will deliberately lock up if it is being analysed or does not recognise CPU with its undocumented tricks.)

I have used bochs to run FreeDos, MeS-DoS and GNU/Hurd. I have used bochs on both powerpc and ultrasparc.

Last time I tried to run Winblows on bochs I ran in to some trouble, but this was an old version of bochs. It may of helped to prepare a native image on a PeeCee and transfer and run this image on a computer, but Winblows and its applications are not worth it.

There are lots free software packages in Debian. I no longer run Winblows or have a partition for it on any of my i386 electric fires.

Roland Wegmann wrote:

I would like to run the package MuPAD/Scilab on my iBook-Linux-Box.
Unfortunately the producer of MuPAD doesn't distribute binaries for
powerpc linux; but there is a i386 binary package.

Can I use Qemu in order to run the MuPAD i386 binary on my powerpc
The 1.2 GHz will help with bochs!
I run my 800 MHz G3 iBook at 400 MHz (airport model removed when not in use) and run native powerpc. My sparc is running at 1/4 speed most of the time, but flat out now with bloatzilla.

kind regards, Roland

btw: very merry christmas and (in a little while) a happy new year :-)

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