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Re: [PATCH] Fix Alsa issues including Oopses with OSS emulation

given the variety of hardware would it be worth splitting up snd-powermac?

how easily can code be used from darwin?


Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 11:15 +1100, Dean Hamstead wrote:
the pmac driver has issues on my imac dv, it works but alas
it doesnt know what to do when plugging in headphones
not to mention lack of input sensors for my ibook (clamshell)

i realise though that if you cant get specs and no one
wants to tinker around stuff wont get implemented.
but if its in OSS...

Well, there are specs: the Darwin sources are available for all of Apple
sound drivers. It's just that there are approx. as many HW setups as
motherboards, so it's a bit of a mess, and I don't have much time to dig
into it (and I didn't write the Alsa driver).

But others are welcome to work on it & propose patches :)


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