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Re : Installing on a Dual CPU G5 Powermac?


I'm running this king of machine, you think about two alternative :
	- knoppix + debootstrap + parted (It was my installation
	- boot your powermac in target disk mode and use a powermac G4
	  based if you have one to debootstrap

After this, I can send you a running kernel 64 bit or 32 bit...

Le 20.12.2004 05:30:33, shyamal a écrit :


Is it possible to install/run Debian on a PowerMac G5 (two 2.0 Ghz

I tried the d-i images but either (a) those images simply lack the
smp kernels or (b) there is some trick to installing on these machines
that I'm not aware of.

I can't realistically compile and build my own powerpc kernel unless
there is a way to do it on Mac OS X (I have no suitable host machine
left since my k7 based workstation went down with a mobo failure), but
short of that I'll try anything to get Debian running.

Hints appreciated.


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