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Re: Xfree86 setup on old-world Mac HELP!

On (19/12/04 16:11), Eric Scott wrote:
> Yo;
> Just installed Woody on my ol' PowerMac 7300 with it's integrated video 
> system.  How on earth do I get Xfree up and chipper?  dpkg-reconfigure 
> xserver-xfree86 does it's "Please enter the video card's bux 
> identifier," but lspci does me no good 'cuz it's not a PCI card. 
> tips would be very helpful!
> ES
Hi Eric

You'll probably get better response to this on debian-powerpc.

It's a while since I configured X on an oldworld mac.  Basically, you
do as root:

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

If you google for 'XFree86 on 7300' you may find answers for the
various settings but the more info about your system you have the easier
it will be.  The ouptut of lspci will be useful. If you have the Mac OS
system profile printed out it will also help. Your mouse device will probably be

Incidentally the new sarge installer will probably autodiscover most of
your hardware:




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