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Re: debian ppc64

> > I'm still rather unsure of the interest of having the ppc64 distribution
> > be native... Unlike amd64, as I wrote several times, there is no benefit
> > as in more registers etc... All you'll get is bigger/slower code...
> What about power3/power4 optimized code, in opposition to generic ppc one ? 

There isn't much to gain by optimizing for POWER3. This is indeed some
interest in building for POWER4, though ideally, that means using the
new instructions available on POWER4, and thus not running on POWER3 at
all ... (unless we add some kernel-level emulation of these). I need to
think a bit more about this issue and discuss it with other folks here,
since there is indeed some real interest in building for POWER4 and
later only...


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