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Re: ibook 2.2 doesn't use whole battery

> In battery mode every time the charge percentage reaches
> 35-38 % the level falls to 0% (and pbbuttonsd suspend the machine).
> I've seen the same behaviour in the battery leds (they pass from 2 leds
> to 1 when you check).
> Do you think it's an hardware problem (bad battery) or a configuration
> error?

Hardware problem - google for hints on 'recalibrating' the battery. I'd
start with disabling pbbuttonsd (or at least its power management
functionality) and let the battery run down all the way (with filesystems
remounted read-only, preferably). If it's anything like my old battery
it'll run happily for half an hour on 0% before shutting down. Next
startup the battery should show a more correct capacity.

A PMU reset might be another thing to try.


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