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Re: ibook 2.2 doesn't use whole battery

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 12:57:58 +0100
Luca Bigliardi - shammash wrote:

> Do you think it's an hardware problem (bad battery) or a configuration
> error?

Your battery is near death now. How old is it? I got exacly the same
behaviour with my older iBook 2.2 (wich now is owned by another member of
this list) and its battery had to be replaced.

Once you buy a new one, try to avoid having it full and using AC power. You
can keep de old one to place it instead, when you're home and planning to
be plugged to AC for a long time (if you want your iBook in balance, the
battery weight is quite useful ;-)

BTW, mine started to behave like that after a year and a half. Now I'm much
more careful with the chargin cycles.


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