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Re: wireless usb on iBook G4

El Sábado 04 Diciembre 2004 11:36, Esteban Martinez escribió:
> > [...] different opinions about MA111 (NetGear) and some others adapters.
> I'm using also a Dlink DWL-122 usb-wireless adapter under Linux.


> It works perfectly. For MacOSX there are drivers for 10.2 and 10.3
> versions.

Sounds fine. But, can you scan searching for networks?

> Please, if you want more information about usb-wireless adapters look at
> the mailing list archives. We have discussed about it more than once. :-)

Yes, you're right... was my fault. But things seems to change fast in this way 
(support for iBook). Now I've searched about this topic in the mail archive 
and I have learned a couple of things ;^)

Thank you all for your patience.

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