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Re: building a multiarch gcc

On 04-Dec-09 17:37, Rafael Esp?ndola wrote:
> Andreas: Which package contains a 32bits version of libc? With the
> attached patch libgcc is compiled but cannot be linked because a 32
> libc is missing.

I am also working on the 32 bit support for ppc64 gcc at the moment. 
For bootstrapping I used the glibc binary package deb from the official 
Debian powerpc port and installed it in /lib32 and /usr/lib32.

Eventually, the 32 bit libc for the ppc64 port will be compiled as a 
separate pass from the glibc source package. This extra glibc pass 
will create the packages 'libc6-powerpc' and 'libc6-dev-powerpc' 
which contain the 32 bit libc files for ppc64.

Andreas Jochens

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