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Re: debian ppc64

On 04-Dec-08 21:27, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 08:51:11PM +0100, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> When was that, and why did you not help out making sure debian-installer
> worked on your hardware ? 

Last time I tried was a few weeks ago. I did not even come to the point
where the kernel started to boot and I had no idea how to check why 
this happened - let alone to fix this.

> Well, my debmirror run gives me a 16GB size for sarge+sid, so your calculation
> are completely OFF. Debian/sarge ships two full DVD isos for powerpc binaries,
> which makes at least 9GB (minus 300MB or so for d-i).

Most certainly these 9 GB include the 'Arch: all' packages. If you 
subtract those, you will get less than 5 GB for the binary powerpc 
packages which is exactly what I said. The packages from testing and 
unstable are mostly the same. The difference between testing and 
unstable at any given time is seldom more than 20% which is roughly 
equal to 1 GB.

I am maintaining an amd64 archive which has 98% of all packages from 
testing and unstable and which includes the 'Arch: all' packages. That 
archive has about 10 GB, so I am quite sure about the numbers.

> > So round about 5 GB will suffice for adding testing/unstable/experimental 
> > support for ppc64 to the official archives until 'etch' is released.

Andreas Jochens

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