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Re: USB wireless 802.11g dongle

On Dec 7, 2004, at 9:51 PM, Colin Leroy wrote:

On 07 Dec 2004 at 13h12, Dean Takemori wrote:


The driver _is_ under the GPL (v2), though.

Completely ?

I just did a quick scan of the files.  In addition to the
standard GPL "Copying" file, the notices in the files is a
dual license.  MPL (Mozilla Public License 1.1) with the
option of using the GPL.

Hopefully that means someone smarter and more experienced than I
will be able to put in the time to port the driver to PPC.

The driver can't be found on the page you point. Is it downloadable

Goto <http://www.planet.com.tw/download.php>.

Select "Wireless LAN" as the Product Category and
Select "WLU356 ---- 54Mbps Wireless LAN USB Adapter" as Model Number

You'll get a link for a zip file that contains a gzipped tarball
(I have no idea why) with the source.

-dean takemori

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