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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 11:41:10AM +0100, Philippe Guyot wrote:
> I did that, verify by "print" that the 1st partition had flags prep-boot, type 
> primary,filesystem ext2.
> The install came on but at end, says that no boot program was installed either 
> I did choice thus (I didn't do anything like this, of course)
> or no one manages this hardware.

Yeah, can you try again with the new version of yaboot-installer which was
uploaded yesterday only (1.0.2 it was i think), and includes : 

  * Colin Watson
      - Install to prep-boot partitions on chrp (closes: #243669).

> Sorry but it is my translation from french messages...

Bah, i read french too, so ...


Sven Luther

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