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Re: Hard Drive light

According to Jens Schmalzing, on 03 Dec 2004 10:53:31 +0100, 
>Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
>> Any reason why it's disabled ?
>When it was off, people asked for it to be on.  When it was on, others
>asked for it to be off.  Eventually, we even got a bug report and then
>turned it off for good and put an entry into the changelog.
>Regards, Jens.
So I think it would make sense to make this a dynamic feature. I can do it, but I would
like to be blessed by the gurus before. Which interface would you suggest ? 
/proc, /sys, sysctl or ioctl ? 
Just tell me, I'll implement the preferred one. 


Cedric Pradalier

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