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Re: Some problems in the daily use of a Debian System

> > > It'd be great if there was an option like "notaptypping" so that the
> > > tapping would disabled while the user is typping keys.
> >
> > that, mouseemu can take care of. (along with middle/right click and
> > mouse wheel emulation).
> >
> > http://honk.physik.uni-konstanz.de/~agx/linux-ppc/debian/mouseemu/
> >
> > You just need uinput support in the kernel.
> I have mouseemu. But is just one more app. If pbbuttonsd could take care...

Please don't cram yet more stuff into pbbuttonsd. The 'block trackpad
while typing' stuff might not hurt, but my experience with other functions
of mouseemu are less than stellar (the scroll function doesn't work
reliably, and the mouse button emulation via uinput passes both the
original key event and the button event to the kernel, instead of
suppressing the key event). I didn't have any idea on how to fix this off
the cuff, but IMHO mouseemu needs a bit more work.


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