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Re: Hard Drive light

According to Jens Schmalzing, on 02 Dec 2004 08:04:48 +0100, 
>Andrea Giusto writes:
>> nice feature: the suspend light located on the display opening
>> button (I own a PB12'') acted as a Hard Drive light, just as on my
>> old 586! Do we have something like that in Debian kernels?
>It is disabled in the official kernel.  You can roll your own kernel
>of course, which in Debian is very easy thanks to kernel-package, and
>include the feature.
>Regards, Jens.

I'm just wondering if it could be made activable with a sysctl or through a /sys entry ? 
There have been several people asking for it when it was removed, or asking for removal
when it was included. I should be able to make this kind of patch if needed.


Cedric Pradalier

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