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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

Philippe Guyot said:
> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 17:00, Leigh Brown wrote:
>> My version of yaboot pulls it from /etc/yaboot.conf (which is present
>> on the CD).
> Ok.
> Hem. What do you mean by "my version of yaboot" ? The one in /ppc/chrp ?
> It is this one which traps. But originally from Debian I suppose.

Well, the version that happens to be on my RS6000 at home ;-)  This
was from Sven, I believe.

>> Do you have a linux box that you can create your own CD images with
>> (using mkisofs)? That will be much faster than me creating new CD
>> images for you, although I'm happy to do so, if required.
> I have a box whith mandrake 9, I suppose I can rpminstall mkisofs; I will
> need some training of course....
> I am going to have a look on this.


Well, firstly you need to mount the CDROM image, like this:

# mount -o loop,ro -t iso9660 debian-powerpc-bc-lbb.iso /mnt

Then, copy that directory tree somewhere:

# mkdir /tmp/sarge-cd
# cd /mnt
# rsync -a . /tmp/sarge-cd/
# cd /
# umount /mnt

Then, make the directories readable:

# cd /tmp/sarge-cd
# find . -type d -exec chmod u+w {} \;

You now have a CD tree ready for burning in /tmp/sarge-cd.
Next, you need to get a decent version of yaboot.  You could
try this known-working version:


Drop this on top of /tmp/sarge-cd/ppc/chrp/yaboot

Then, you can create a new ISO image, like this:

# cd /tmp/sarge-cd
# mkisofs -chrp-boot -U -r -hide-rr-moved -o ../sarge.iso .

You can then test it looks okay, by mounting it again

# cd /tmp
# mount -o loop,ro -t iso9660 sarge.iso /mnt
# cd /mnt

...browse the tree....

# cd /
# umount /mnt

Then, you can burn that image to a CD, and see if it works any better.

That's it for now.  I'm going out this evening, but I'll be back
tomorrow to see how you got on.



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