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Re: Go5200 and external VGA status?

Le mardi 11/30/04 Guido Guenther <agx@debian.org> a écrit :
> > Yes I mean the internal LCD, is it possible and is there any danger to
> > blindly tweak this in XFree86 source code?

> Actually there might be a danger leaving it in the state it currently is
> ;) Honestly dunno, nVidia forgot to tell us that too. I'm working on
> things that turn of the internal LCD completely when switching to the
> external screen (though "mirror mode" would be much nicer), but this
> might be some time.

I have tried to have something similar to "mirror mode" by using x11vnc.

I wanted to start two X, one on the external monitor and one on the
LCD, then start a vncviewer in fullscreen in one of them and an x11vnc
in the other X server, but I'm not able to make it works (I have try
a similar config on another x86 computer with TVout and a VGA monitor
and it works).

First, when I start two X servers on the LCD, the second one is
unusable due to a lot of garbage on the screen. I don't know if this is
a known bug. Does anybody with an NVidia chip is able to have two X
servers running simultaneously?

If I start two X servers on the external monitor it works fine (but of
course I only have some garbage on the LCD).

Is there a way to not disable the external VGA monitor when switching to
console or on an "LCD" X server?

I'm using unstable Xfree86, is there a chance to have something better
with X.org?


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