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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #4, USB swap during sleep kills system

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 10:53:25AM +0100, Julien PERVILLE wrote:
> I have been running at home without any problem for a few days now, but
> when going to work this morning, I found a good, reproducible kernel
> panic.
> how to do it :
> * have USB mouse unplugged
> * sleep
> * plug USB mouse in
> * resume
running vanilla 2.6.9 kernel with 4th version of patch:
- plug in USB pen drive
- sleep
- unplug pen drive

system wakes up (the sleep light stops to flash and I can hear the sounds
of waking up ibook :-) and dies - black screen, no reaction to keystrokes
and cannot ping the machine



    wrobell <wrobell@pld-linux.org>

P.S. Ben and others who contributed... I owe you tons of beer :-)

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