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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #4

Hi... surely i'm making some stupid mistake, but when i try to compile
(via kernel-package) my patched kernel (obtained by applying the sleep
patch to a kernel tree got from debian's kernel-source package), the
compiler complains about a missing target (pmac_cache.o; there's no
corresponding pmac_cache.c in my tree). Any hints?


Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> writes:

> Ok, here's the 4th iteration of the patch. It includes John Steele Scott fixes for
> cpufreq and the sound driver and fixes a problem where memory refresh wouldn't properly
> be re-enabled on the video chip upon wakeup. I also cleaned a bit more the MDLL reset
> code for r300, plus a couple of other things.
> http://gate.crashing.org/~benh/albook-ibookg4-sleep-4.diff
> Ben.
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