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Re: TEST: Sleep patch #4, USB swap during sleep kills system

Hello Ben, and thanks again for your great sleep patch.

I have been running at home without any problem for a few days now, but
when going to work this morning, I found a good, reproducible kernel

System is an Ibook G4 12' 800Mhz running gentoo, kernel 2.6.9-r4 + your
4th sleep patch

how to do it :

* have USB mouse unplugged
* sleep
* plug USB mouse in
* resume


I have no pmud, just pbbuttonsd. USB is compiled in the kernel (so i
have keyboard working at boot).

I tried 3 times to reproduce it. 3 times I reproduced the crash. Going
to sleep with USB mouse plugged then resuming or going with no mouse
plugged then resuming is fine. Swapping the mouse when sleeping kills
the system.

I took a screenshot of the kernel messages with the digicam, and
uploaded to my home server (adsl, slow link) :
http://siths.dyndns.org/sleep/usb-swap-crash.jpg [1.1Mb]

I'm yours for more information to help troubleshoot this.


Julien PERVILLE <julien.perville@free.fr>

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