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15" AlBook 896x600 Framebuffer Mode?

I want to set the console resolution on my 15" AlBook to 896x600, but I can't find the requisite framebuffer mode.

The console is currently set as follows:

	fis:~# fbset

	mode "1280x854-60"
	    # D: 79.815 MHz, H: 51.963 kHz, V: 60.003 Hz
	    geometry 1280 854 1280 854 32
	    timings 12529 128 16 8 1 112 3
	    rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,0/0


I've poured over the fbset & fb.modes manpages. Anyone know, or know how to get, the framebuffer mode for 896x600 (or 720x480, 1152x768) on a 15" AlBook?



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