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Re: PowerBook 12'' & some troubles

On Sun, 2004-11-07 at 10:21 +0100, Davide Bertola wrote:
> I use cpu scaling and powersave governor trought cpufreqd configured 
> manually to save the maximum power i can. My battery keeps on for about 
> 3 hours.. (osx does nearly 5 hours)

OS X has more power management features than Linux has. For one thing,
it's better at switching on/off various devices that aren't currently in
use, for example, I suspect it shuts down the wireless card (hrm... we
could do that too since we can't use it), or the sound chip when no
sound is beeing emited (we can do that when rmmod'ing the driver with
some of the older chips, but that wasn't implemented for the newer

Also, more imortantly, I think it has access to some advanced power
management features of the video chip that we don't have access to.

> cat /proc/pmu/bat* <- something like that (i'm using osx i dont 
> remember)
> here you see the istant discharge rate and the maximum capacity.
> my maximum capacity is 3756 mA, and my istant discharge rate is about 
> 1000 mAh. with a wireless plugged in and using the powerbook normally 
> it is about 1300 mAh.. so it's about three hours.. can you tell me your 
> istant discharge rate ?

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