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Can one add S3 Virge vga card to beige G3??

Well, I already did it, at bootup, it recognises the card, but
can't start X.
Might there be a problem??  Does the card need to be flashed to
work on ppc??

It's a pity I can't copy from Infocenter, but it reads:
Virge/DX or /GX (rev 01)  (it is virge G3)
flags bus master medium devsel latency 32 irq 23
memory at 84000000 (... , non prefetchable) (disabled) (size 64M)

is it 64 mb ram  or 64 Mbit (8Mb??)

How can I make it work??
There is a vga screen connected that worked on the mac port...


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