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Re: D-link pcmcia wireless

Hi all,

>> I'm facing a problem and i need some help. I'm using a new brand powerbook,
>> bought a month ago. Since airport xtreme it's not working, i'm trying


>> connected to wireless internet over mt old d-link wireless card (DWL-650).

me too

>> remember i use it on my old computer (x86) but i cant get it working.
>> Can somebody help me??

I currently use it and I have the following kernel modules installed:

- orinoco;
- orinoco_cs;
- hermes;

and relative dependencies.
Using an official k-image you will find them already compiled, such as 2.6.8

I'm using wireless-tools to get infos about access-point (iwconfig) which
I connect to, and stuff like that.
I use dhcp with the following lines:

auto eth0
iface eth2 inet dhcp
wireless-essid xxxxxx

in /etc/network/intefaces.
To detect which ethXXX the system ``sees'' the wi-fi card, use iwconfig!



>> i'm using the 2.6.8 kernel, with the wireless-tools, the pcmcia-cs core,
>and i
>> load the hermes, orinoco and more modules.
>I think it's a prism2 chip, hence you need the linux-wlan-ng or hostap
>If i'm not mistaken :)
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