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Re: incompatible unaligned.h between x86 and ppc - kernel-hackers verify please

> Please point to the equally-optimized alternative
> that works on all platforms.

If there is none, then rip off the kernel implementation or lobby glibc
to provide one, or make a "libunaligned.so" and distribute it etc...

but to NOT rely on the kernel header, that is bogus.

> > At least on arm this header can be wrong if userspace doesn't set
> > __ARMEB__ (or source the correct kernel config before) with the correct
> > endianness (arm can be LE or BE).
> ARM should be using constants set by the compiler.
> If __ARMEB__ is not compiler-defined, something is
> broken.

Rubbish !

Kernel headers are totally free to use whatever macros they want in
their implementation, none of that has to be available to userland.
Also, there is no  guarantee that get_unaligned() is inlined at all

> I'ld rather protect asm-i386/unaligned.h (as well as others archs) with
> > __KERNEL__ than make asm-ppc/unaligned.h not protected..
> Next time, start with i386. If Linus won't go for it,
> then don't screw around adding __KERNEL__ to other places.
> Stuff breaks, needlessly. I'd go so far as to say that
> the Linux API has been broken on ppc.

Stop this crap please !


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