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Re: incompatible unaligned.h between x86 and ppc - kernel-hackers verify please

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 09:56 +0100, Christoph Ewering wrote:
> Hello List, hello Klaus, hello Benjamin!
> At the moment I am fighting with an error on ppc when I want to compile 
> the new vdr-1.3.14 from Klaus Schmidinger.
> vdr uses unaligned.h  and it stops compiling with an error about 
> "get_unaligned not declared" on ppc. I tracked this down with the help 
> of Klaus to a different header-file asm/unaligned.h between x86 and 
> ppc. The asm-ppc/unaligned.h has two lines more - at the begining of 
> unaligned.h "#ifdef __KERNEL__" and at the end "#endif /* KERNEL */". 
> So I "greped" around in /usr/src/linux/include/asm-* and found that ppc 
> uses this construct, only!
> If I remove the #ifdef-#endif-lines I get no "not declared" error any 
> more.
> I am not a kernel-hacker (I am not a programmer at all) so I can only 
> guess that this is an obsolete declaration that could be removed. I am 
> using the kernel-source from kernel.org.
> So could the kernel-hackers verify this and correct me or 
> asm-ppc/unaligned.h, please. ;-)

Functions in kernel headers shouldn't be used by userland programs. If
glibc doesn't provide an equivalent of get_unaligned(), then it's up to
the program to make up it's own. You can't rely on the kernel version to
be inline, or not rely on some kernel CONFIG options etc...

So this is definitely a bug in vdr


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