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Software Suspend on iBook G4

i am still not too sure what i am supposed to do with regards setting up
software suspend... i applied the swsusp-2.6.9.diff patch to a 2.6.9 kernel
tree, but typing `hibernate` says my kernel does not support hibernating. i
have set

so i thought that maybe i still needed to apply the patches from
but they do not seem to apply cleanly alongside the benh ones... which
patches am i to apply?

i noticed there is a CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2_CORE option if i apply only
these patches. but i guess my iBook will not be supported as everyone says
to use benh's ones

also, i noticed the new 2.6.9 kernel blacks out the cursor in the console
when i mouse over any text. this was mentioned on this list, but there was
no solution given... does anyone have a patch to fix it? its quite annoying

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