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XF86Config-4 for PowerBook 17" G4 1.5Ghz


I just bought my thirst Mac and though MacOS X is a briliant and beautifull 
environment I desparately need my KDE desktop to be able to work again. 

I have spent a lot of time in trying to find, generate and guess the right 
XF86Config-4 settings for the 17" display which can do 1440x900 at 32 bits 
and the ATI mobility radeon 9700, but my efforts all end up in a messed up 
display even if I try lower resolutions.  

Has someone had more luck with the above hardware and can you share your XFree 
setup or maybe other tricks howto get X running on this machine?

My thanks will be great!

Pim Snel

Ps: can a wrong xf86config also damage a LCD display like a CRT display?

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