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iBook 2 sterling symbol won't display in terminal windows

Hi everyone -

I'm running Debian testing on an iBook 2.  The keyboard has the
sterling (£) symbol printed on the "3" key, so I'm inclined to think
it's a British layout.  However, the "at" (@) and double quote (")
symbols are switched round to the U.S. style.

I'm trying to get the SHIFT+3 combination to produce the sterling
symbol in the console.  It works just fine in Firefox and other
applications, but not in terminal windows, so I think it's a
console-related problem.

Under multi-gnome-terminal, on the command line, SHIFT+3 produces a
hash (#) followed by a carriage return.  However, when editing a text
file with vim, SHIFT+3 produces what seems to be a blank space.  I
know this is actually an incorrectly displayed sterling symbol,
because I can highlight the area using the mouse, then paste the
result into another non-console application where it is displayed as a
sterling symbol.

I've issued : 'dpkg-reconfigure console-data' a few times, and tried
out some of the Apple variants there, but nothing seems to make a

So, why else might the console not be displaying the sterling symbol correctly?

Thanks in advance,

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