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I got flash on PPC!

Well, kind of.

The credit for this goes to the Gentoo forum:


I simply did:

# apt-get install qemu
# apt-get install mozplugger

downloaded the flash_x86.tar.bz2 file linked in the gentoo forum page and
then edited /etc/mozpluggerrc by adding:

## Flash for PPC 
application/x-shockwave-flash:swf:Flash animation 
 swallow(Macromedia Flash Player 6): /usr/local/bin/qemu-i386 -L
 /usr/local/flash_x86/ /usr/local/flash_x86/usr/bin/gflashplayer "$file"

It works in firefox, not yet made it work in Opera, nor in Mozilla.

I see simple movies (big flash sites are a dream as for now), and cannot
click on links, which makes all this quite useless, but it is a good
start, I think.

Debian Sid on iBook G4 12".

Please comment!

Best Regards, Jack
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