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update: DVD play back on G3 iBook - improving

Good news on the DVD play back issues I was having with my iBook running Ubuntu Linux v4.10.
First I have to type:  hdparm -d1 /dev/hdb
this turns on UDMA2 for my DVD-ROM
Where would I put this command so it is done automatically at boot up?
I installed xine-ui instead of totem-xine and now DVDs play smoothly without dropping frames.  gxine also worked but there is a bug in full screen mode that crashes gxine when you switch to full screen.  xine-ui doesn't have this problem.
Ok only one more problem to go!  =)
I'm getting a 'popping/clicking' sound when the DVD plays loud sounds. The popping occurs over the iBook's speakers and via headphones.  I tried adjusting the volume but even at low volume I hear audible popping.  It seems like the audio is clipping.  It happens at all volume levels.  gxine and xine-ui both have this problem.  I'm using the ALSA sound modules that (I think) emulates OSS?
There is one weird problem that is also audio related but tolerable:
The audio during DVD play back is synced with video but the audio seems play at a lower frequency. All audio is deeper sounding that it should be.  CD audio sounds fine.
Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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