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kernel panic with previously working MOL OSX (Debian Sarge, iBook G4)

I've also tried this on the MOL list, but for good measure (with
apologies in advance if it is too far off-list):

My MaconLinux installation was working quite happily until today, when it
started generating (Darwin) kernel panics on boot.

Several things have been updated on both the Debian and OSX sides since
the last successful MOL boot, so I am not quite sure what has triggered
the problem.

The setup is an iBook G4 1Mhz, running Debian PPC tracking unstable,
with Mac OSX 10.3 and MOL 0.9.70-8 from the Debian packages, along with
the 0.9.70-1 mol-macosx drivers.

On "startmol -X" I get the boot screen swiftly followed by a Darwin
kernel panic:

  panic(cpu 0): Unable to find a driver for this platform: "AAPL,MOL".

  Latest stack backtrace....etc etc

Reinstalling the Debian packages has no effect, can I/should I reinstall
the OSX kexts. If so, how?

Any inspiration welcome...


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