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Re: Frech keyboard with xfree

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 12:08:02PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 11:30:15PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > the console is not major problem, but this is still utterly broken in X, and
> > there is very little chance that it gets fixed nextly, unless either some
> > french mac user knowledgeable in X fixes it, or enough people bother the X
> > strike force to get it fixed (or both).
> Rather than spluttering with disgust like this, you could try working with

Well, i have spent almost one whole battery-cycle on this problem in the plane
last month, and tried numerous times to get this fixed previously too. Having
no { or } or [ or ] or | or \ or ~ is a quite daunting way to do coding,
especially when one has only one mouse button and thus no copy/paste :/

The fr_new helped there, but it absolutely baffles me to see that changing the
XF86Config-4 file doesn't get respected, but maybe this is a new and
wonderfull gnome 2.6 feature ? 

> Denis Barbier, who not only understands XKB and has commit access to the X
> Strike Force SVN repositories, but is French.

Cool, thanks for the hint. I suppose the only problem is he not having pmac
hardware, right ? 

> He should therefore be familiar with French keymappings.  What he lacks is
> Macintosh expertise.  Perhaps someone here can help him.

Yep, what we really need is to pool together the different knowledges and work
on solving the issue.


Sven Luther

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