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how can I setup linux-wlan-ng?

Dear debian users:

I finally managed to install linux-wlan-ng to get my d-link dwl-122 usb wireless working on my powerbook running debian (kernel 2.6.8). It detected it just fine.
Now I don't really understand what to do to be able to connect to a network.
Under mac-osx my card detect the networks automatically and let me connect to it. Under linux it seems a bit more complicated, it seems that we need a lot of information
about the network. What if we don't have any information about the network?
I usually use wireless at coffee shops, library ...

I tried at the library where I know the ssid which is just default (I got the name running mac os x).
I used the following commands:

modprobe prism2_usb
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_ifstate ifstate=enable
wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid="default" authtype=opensystem

The usb seemed to be connecting (it was flashing)

then I typed ifconfig wlan0 up

but it did not work, I could not used the internet, or ssh ...
Am I doing something wrong?

I am really new at this. Could someone please help me. Thanks!!!!!!


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