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Re: works, but stuck at 640 x 480

Op 24-okt-04 om 03:07 heeft hFusion het volgende geschreven:

Hello everyone. I recently installed debian "woody" on my Power Mac G4 AGP Sawtooth with an AGP original Mac Edition ATI Radeon card. After recompiling the 2.4.26 source code, including the drivers for the ATI Radeon cards, I reconfigured Xfree86 to use the radeon driver. Xfree86 starts fine, but with one small problem. No matter what resolutions I have selected, xfree86 will only run at 640x480. I have multiple modes listed and have tried switching resolutions to no avail. I also tried removing all resolutions except 1280x1024, the one I want. This also did not work.

I've edited my /etc/X11*/XF86config file by hand and added resolutions there. Strange thing was that eg ydl listed resolutions too, but it only worked at some
low resolution, so it's the same problem debian/ydl...


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