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How to prevent the charging of the batteries?


I'm (still) using a powerbook g3 (lombard).

I know that one should not keep the batteries charged at 100% all the time - it is said to be better to keep them around 33% or so. Experience (from before I knew that) seems to confirm this, the previous batteries died after a life on almost-always-at-100%.

So I'm taking the batteries out as often as I can. But of course this has a downside - if the power current is interrupted while the batteries are removed, the laptop has to be rebooted.

So the question is: can I somehow leave the batteries in, and tell the hardware "please, please do not charge them now"? (I would accept to program in C if needed - if it is possible at all.)

(BTW my laptop is charging the batteries about half the time even when they are already at 100%. I hate it.)


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