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irda-usb * kernel 2.6 * powerpc = 0 ?

Hi everybody,

I have a Sweex irda dongle, I have tested it under kernel 2.4 and all tests
succeeded, I did not really syncronize my old IBM WorkPad c3 from there, but
looking at the irdadump, I could recognize some data from the PDA as it was
being transmitted.  now on kernel 2.6 if I follow the updated instructions on
http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/IrDA/IrDA.html and I can't get
much further than the removal of the ir-usb module.

the problem is that on 2.4 I do have a irda-usb.o module, while on 2.6 debian
powerpc I don't find it (and also no .ko)...  I've seen that those missing
files are present -at least- in the 386 'port'.

was the module left behind for some concrete reasons?  is wasn't just
forgotten, was it?  or it's me who can't find things, as I
sometimes can't, expecially for things which are too much in

thanks in advance,

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