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Re: Powerbook G4 15"

> tibooks work already, aluminium are the one that don't.
I've been struggling with sleep on my TiBook 550 for many many months.
The screen just stays black when the system wakes up.  Would you be so
kind out as to spell out for me exactly what the magic combination is
using a 2.6 kernel?  ie: what modules, daemons, kernel version, etc.

Thanks so much!


On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 10:32 +1000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 21:55, sean wrote:
> > > Sleep support is comming real soon now...
> > 
> > Hey that's great news Ben!  Can you elaborate just a bit for those of us
> > who are eagerly awaiting a sleep fix for 15" TiBooks?  Does your reply
> > mean that this is a known kernel related problem?
> tibooks work already, aluminium are the one that don't. the problem is
> that the video chip is powered off when the machine goes to sleep and
> we didn't have the necessary code to bring it back. (that plus other
> more minor issues).
> Paul Mackerras recently reverse engineered the necessary magic to bring
> the chip back, though it's currently only for one specific revision of
> the machine, but we are working on extending that basic stuff to deal
> with more of them, and fix the other remaining issues.
> Ben.

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