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Re: Powerbook G4 15"

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Kirill Lapshin wrote:

| Hello,
| I am new to this port; please be gentle.
| I just got my new shining pbook 15", installed sarge on it using
| pre-rc2 debian installer, and most of the things worked just fine
| out of box, which impressed me a lot. Great work!
| However there are few things that don't work for me.
| 1. Sleep. When I close lid, backlight turns off, if I reopen it
| right away, it will turn back on as expected, however if I wait for
|  few minutes, and then open the lid, pbook won't wake up. I've seen
|  quite a few messages on the list saying that sleep does not work,
| so I suppose that's expected behaviour.
I've got the same behaviour, when u close the lid after some time the
mac shuts down

| 2. AirPort (as expected)
sigh :-(((

| 3. Keyboard is screwed up. Apple button does not work. Ctrl and Alt
|  *usually* work as expected, but not quite always. For instance
| Ctrl-Tab switches Apps in KDE (instead of Alt-Tab) and Alt-Tab
| switches desktops (instead of apple-tab). More important Ctrl-E has
|  some bizzare behaviour of putting current window underneath all
| windows, without loosing focus (!), second Ctrl-E brings window
| back upfront. That is really confusing, especially for emacs user,
| like me. I don't quite understand who interferes, here is what I
| get with xev on Ctrl-E:

I use the standard qwerty/386 keymap for my language, It works well
exept for fn+alt (alt gr) + ò doesn't give me the "@" symbol, but
fn+alt+à gives me the # as expected...
I use the apple button as a right mouse button with mouseemu, but
emulated scrolling wheel doesn't work....

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